How to write social media photo descriptions? Main rules and tools that help you!

If you are taking your first steps on the Internet or want to improve your online presence, this article is just for you! You will learn universal rules, which makes your descriptions draw the attention of the masses! An easy way to improve the engagement of your followers. A good photo needs a good description, even if content creation is not your thing, don’t worry, you will reach a master level in this with the tools we recommend! I will learn you how to write social media photo descriptions!

How to write social media photo descriptions

You need to read this article if you run a small business or wanna be an influencer!

Trying to attract the attention of our followers is an important point in building recognizability on the Internet, no matter whether we are building a personal brand or a company’s image. By providing good and valuable content we can evoke positive emotions with our account and increase the chances of being remembered. Why not add an equally amazing description when our photos are awesome?

Good practice:

1 Be interesting from the first line

The fact is that most people will read only the first line of the description, this is what we should pay attention to. Our goal is to write the first sentence to arouse emotions. Of course, you should refer to the photo and all the content. There are many ways to interest the followers, here are some of them:

  1. Emotional markedness – make the people feel the emotions you want to convey while reading your description, let them come out of the screen.
    example: Look! This amazing [product] helps you every morning!
  2. Fun facts – It’s also a good idea to start the description with curiosity, it could be about your product or something related to the photo.
    example: Our products are fully biodegradable!
  3. Questions – you can also interest the recipient with a question, it can be related to the topic on which your account is based or be a question about a problem that your product is solving.
    example: Do you have a problem with sleeping? We can help you!

2 What will interest your audience?

Remember that you don’t write descriptions for yourself, only for your audience. You have to write about what interests them! It does not have to be related to your company or person but should be related to the topic for which people come to your profile.

It may not seem like an easy task, but over time you will learn what really interests your audience. In the beginning, try not to go beyond the subject of the profile. For example, if you run a travel profile, your recipients may not be interested in promotions for groceries that you found in the store next to your home. They will expect you to tell them about articles that will be useful during your travels.

3 Connect with your audience

The best way to get your audience involved is to establish a relationship! The greatest strategy to do that is through dialogue! 

But how to encourage recipients to comment to establish a dialogue? Here come some treatments that would probably also work when we would like to talk to a person on the street.

You probably have thought about how to start a conversation with a new person, and that is the question! By asking, we give followers a chance to express themselves and show that we care about their opinion.

But what exactly should we ask? The question may be about their feelings about your product, your company, or your new project. In the industry appear a novelty, you can ask them about the experience related to it. Here I repeat it, it is important to ask questions, that are related to the subject of the photo and your account. 

Asking for advice is a good idea, it allows you to understand the expectations of your recipients better. Their opinion and ideas for the direction of profile development matter too. 

4 Stay Remembered

When creating a description, your major goal should be to be remembered. Your recognition will grow, and they’ll want to come back if you continue to positively stick in their minds. Here are some ways to do it:

  • Provide a unique value proposition. If a follower learns something from your description that will improve his life, knowledge, or abilities, he will definitely remember you and will want to come back for more. It can be industry news, unknown curiosities, or a new look at old facts.
  • Arousing emotions. It can be a presentation of facts that will enrich their worldview or heart-catching information.
  • Jokes. A person who will be amused and spends time with you having fun will definitely remember you! You can use themed jokes or currently popular memes.

5 Not deviate from image context

The photo that the follower sees will certainly encourage them to read your description, so it is important that the content does not differ significantly from what we can see in the photo. The user will be disappointed if the description applies to a completely different topic and will go away. There must be a relationship between the visualization and the text, albeit you don’t have to describe exactly what is in the picture. For example, a photo of a cat next to a bowl of food is perfect to write about cat food. The user may feel confused when he finds a lanyard review in the description. It is a good practice to distinguish the main attribute of the photo, which we want to write about. We can do it by proper presentation, lines or arrows. This tactic allows you to attract an audience who will be interested in this topic.

6 The less better

Remember that your follower’s attention is limited, so respect it strongly. Very often, less will be more. What is the value of a long, meaningful description when the user does not even read it halfway? Your writing skills will come in handy in this situation because you’ll need to say as much as you can in the fewest words.

7  Use emoji

An interesting method of catching the user’s attention is the use of emojis in a sentence. By adding icons to the description, we add another incentive to interest the audience so that they can stay with us for longer. It will enrich the visual representation of the description and stimulate the imagination. Look at it:

example description emoji

8 Test and see what works

The last piece of advice is to experiment! The same methods will not work for everyone. You have to keep trying new ways to get your audience’s attention. Innovate, check reactions, rate, keep or discard is the best path to continuously improve your descriptions. After some time, you will be able to make a hypothesis of what your followers might like and, more likely, hit their tastes. Take your time, it’s a long-term process and keeps getting to know your audience!

Game-changing tools which improve your descriptions and increase your audience engagement!

The diversity of technologies will allow us to write descriptions that attract attention, without having any writing talent. Or maybe you are at the beginning of your career and don’t have enough time to polish your content. Why should we bother creating descriptions when we can delegate this task to technologies such as AI. If you want to paddle one’s own canoe, at least help yourself with the grammatical correctness of your posts. – Make Ai works done.

You should use the power of Artificial Intelligence to boost your productivity! the best tool on the market will help you create better and faster descriptions. All you have to do is enter the points you want to cover and you will get samples of the generated text. Then you can choose between proposals and edit them! Now I will introduce you to some functions you can use to write the best descriptions.

Photo Post Captions

The feature that was created for photo descriptions. All you have to do is write what your post is about, give the tone of your voice and turn it on. You will receive suggestions of generated descriptions that you should use!

Paragraph Generator

Just provide 3 pieces of information: what is your content about, keywords to include, and tone of voice and that’s enough! You will get generated texts that can perfectly match your description!

And a lot more!

Take a look at the page with other options, you find many more features for use during your career in the media. Let the technology work for you!

Grammarly – make your content grammatically correct.

Make sure your description is mistake-free, thanks to Grammarly it will be child’s play. Just install a plugin that checks and corrects your spelling.

To make descriptions look professional, they must be correctly written. Misspellings in the text can ruin the trust of your followers, you can look sloppy. This is why it is such a useful tool. Write and let Grammarly jobs done!

Besides the grammar correction, it offers a premium package that will make your content really hot! Grammarly will automatically suggest rewriting your hard-to-read sentences to be more user-friendly. Additionally, it allows you to replace words with more sophisticated suggestions. And if that was not enough, it suggests changes to the tone of the statement you want to use! Isn’t that amazing? Check other features.


You learned the basics of writing descriptions on social media, and you have powerful tools to help you do that! You don’t need anything else, you are ready for your adventure with social media. Create content that will give value to your followers and allow get your audience bigger. Good luck!

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