It costs $0 to start a business. It’s super simple!

0 to start a business

Let me show you that you need 0 to start a business. These days starting a business is much easier, it’s not reserved for the elites. Tools shown in this article help you move into an industry with great fanfare. You don’t have to spend a penny to use it. You can’t have excuses to run your own company! Read it, test it and get to work done!

0 to start a business

Just 0 to start a business

I will show you an amazing tool that will allow you to quickly start a business. You don’t need money to use them. All you need is the desire and a little creativity. Applications will take care of many tasks for you and you won’t have to do them manually. You will have more time to focus on what is important and stay ahead of the competition!

Name – name your brand

Namelix – generate business name using artificial intelligence

Namelix screenshot

Don’t waste time struggling with inventing names, just enter a few keywords and generate! Service is fully free. When you have the name you can go straight to the action!

Design – design post, app, or logo

Canva – design whatever you want

Canva screenshot

You can use it to design your social post, app, logo, flyer, or poster. This powerful tool lets you create every visual part of the business. Additionally, it has the easiest interface, so you will do the project double quickly.

Workspace – organize work

Notion – write notes, manage tasks, save data

Notion screenshot

This tool can be widely used, from creating simple notes to controlling stock status. It’s worth taking a look at the many examples of use that they provide. The Notion will be useful to create and share documents across your team. The free plan for teams has a 1,000-block content limit but is enough to start. 

Email – email marketing software

MailerLite – collect subscribers and create email campaign

MailerLite screenshot

Easy to set up, you can integrate with your website in a few minutes. You can collect up to 1,000 addresses, send 12,000 emails monthly, and build automated email workflows at no cost!

Links – URL shortener with custom domains

Rebrandly – link management

Rebrandly screenshot

Create and share short URLs using a custom domain name. A feature that you will love is changing the destination of the same link! You don’t need to swap URLs in each place, just modify the settings in the admin panel. You will also know metrics from audiences like top countries, languages, devices, frequent times and more. 

Developer – build website

Typedream – no-code website build

Typedream screenshoot

It’s the easiest way to create and publish a website with a few clicks for free. The interface is easy to use. Choose a template you want to expand, adjust some basic information, and publish! It’s perfect for any business owner who wants an easy way to start.

Sales – sell products

Gumroad – shop for digital goods

Gumroad screenshot

It’s a powerful service that allows you to sell digital products like ebooks, music and art easily. It’s designed to help you build a business, and it’s super-easy to use. They don’t have monthly charges and only take a small cut of every sale. But the design is super eye-catching.

Automation – automate the process

Zapier – connect apps and automate workflow

Zapier screenshot

What if I say that you can connect all apps that you use? With Zapier it’s easy! Choose a trigger, set action and that’s it! For example, you can add a new row in the Notion database when a new subscriber is created in MailerLite. Isn’t that great? For free you get 5 zaps and 100 tasks per month.

Scheduling – schedule meetings

Calendly – easy appointment

Calendly screenshot

It’s your scheduling automation platform for finding the perfect meeting time. Integrate with email or LinkedIn. Send potential clients exactly when you have time available to work together! Always free for individuals.

Copywriting – AI generator

Copy AI – create conntent with Artificial Iteligence

Copy AI screenshot

Write faster and more engaging blog content, social media posts or website copy. Ways of using this tool are limited only by imagination. Say what are you looking to create, give some context, click… and you get multiple generate options to use! Up to 2,000 chargeless words for a month. 

Proofreading – makes your writing clear

Hemingway editor – improve readability

Hemingway editor screenshot

Good content means everything. This tool lets you use shorter, more direct language, making your writing more impactful. Paste copy and get suggestions on what should be improved. It’s fully free, try it out!

Welcome to 2022

If you read it to the end, you are really motivated to get your dream true. Now you know how with 0 start a business. Congratulations! In the age of the internet in 2022, anything is possible and easier than ever. Work hard, be patient, use tools and become big. Remember you are the beast, nobody can stop you! Check more on the link.